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One of the most rewarding experiences in a parent's life is sending a child to college and four years later watch with pride as he or she graduates. Today, the cost of a higher education has skyrocketed beyond the ability of most parents to pay. Other than purchasing a home, paying for a college education is typically a family's single largest expenditure.

The success of achieving a reduction in the cost of a college education requires the special knowledge of a financial advisor, one that understands the Full Spectrum of College Financial Planning. This encompasses: Saving for College, Financial Aid and Scholarships, Student Loans, Education Tax Incentives, Savings Plan Distributions and Paying For College. Because without incorporating each part of the spectrum you are certain to leave money on the table and you will be short-changing not only yourself, but your children!

Additionally, your advisor must understand the interrelationship between college planning and other financial planning areas such as Retirement Planning, Tax Planning, and Estate Planning. The overlap in planning is crucial to understand because saving a few dollars in taxes today may cost you thousands in lost college money, or the wrong way to pay for college can cost you tens of thousands in estate or retirement planning. Think I am saber-rattling? Think again, I have personally seen these fatalistic mistakes made by unknowing families. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!

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My name is Michael Gaer, I am the president of The Gaer Financial Group, Inc  and CollegeFinancing.Com. CFC is a creative and innovative college financial consulting firm dedicated to making a college education attainable for all families.

Since 1990 I have dedicated my professional life to helping families achieve their college financial goals.

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