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Because That Is What You Will Have To Pay Without The Proper Guidance!!
One of the most rewarding experiences in a parent's life is sending a child to college and four years later watch with pride as he or she graduates. Today, the cost of a higher education has skyrocketed beyond the ability of most parents to pay. Other than purchasing a home, paying for a college education is typically a family's single largest expenditure.

My name is Michael Gaer, I am the president of The Gaer Financial Group, Inc. GFG is a creative and innovative college financial consulting firm dedicated to making a college education attainable for all families.

Since 1990 I have dedicated my professional life to helping families achieve their college financial goals.

Discover what my clients have already learned: You do not have to wipe out your entire life savings to afford the best colleges.

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The success of achieving a reduction in the cost of a college education requires the special knowledge of a financial advisor, one that understands the entire process of applying for grants, scholarships and low-interest loans. And with the introduction of several new tax laws, the financial advisor MUST understand the relationship between tax planning, investment planning and financial aid planning.

Most parents do not know how to go about saving and financing a college education due to a lack of legitimate information on the subject. But, if you, a parent of college bound children, are not maximizing your eligibility for aid or tax relief, HOW WOULD YOU KNOW?

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