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58 Strategies Guaranteed To Reduce College


Student Loan Forgiveness and Forbearance Strategies

 This booklet will show you how to maximize the amount of FREE money, scholarships and grants, not loans or work-study.

This report contains information you will not be able to find anywhere else!!!

This is a compilation of Michael Gaer's 18 years in the industry and his experience of helping over a thousand families through this process.

Inside this report you will learn:

    How to position your student to get the schools to offer you scholarships

    Which Schools will give you the most money

    Why ignoring Private schools because of the price tag is hazardous to your wealth

    Why Out-of-State Public Colleges will be THE MOST EXPENSIVE SCHOOLS

Plus several other tidbits!


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Not only do you receive 58 Strategies, but for a very limited time, before we start charging for it, you will receive a very special report, “Rid Your Family of that Crushing Student Debt!” Inside you will discover, access, and learn what options for loan forgiveness are available to you. We highlighted eligibility criteria, qualifying loans, and the steps for pursuing deferment or total forgiveness including links to the forms you need to apply. There’s also a glossary at the end if you need to know the difference between loan types or repayment options.

Inside this report you will learn:

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