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Affluent College Planning

Reducing College Expenses For Families That Do Not Qualify For Need Based Aid

Are Your Income and Assets Too High To Qualify For Need-Based Financial Aid?

Learn The Secrets The Wealthy And Ultra Wealthy Use To Pay For College!

CollegeFinancing.Com,  provides unique, cutting-edge tax, financial, and academic strategies to reduce the cost of college. We specialize in helping you fund college costs in the most efficient manner and still enable you to save for retirement and other financial priorities.

Believe it or not, in many cases, higher income families can lower their college expenses as much as or maybe even more than families who qualify for financial aid.

There are dozens of academic, financial, and tax strategies that can be utilized to accomplish this result.

Few families and professionals are even aware this type of planning exists. The results for your family from this type of planning can be nothing short of amazing.

For the higher income family we use a multi-pronged approach to reducing college expenses including: Academic, Tax and Cash Flow Strategies.


  1. We will "position" the student in such a way he/she receives maximum merit scholarships, typically worth in excess of $7,500

  1. We use specific strategies that create "tax Scholarships" to pay for college. A tax scholarship is any new found tax deduction that creates money you can use to reduce the cost of college. Once you understand that the higher your income and tax bracket, the greater the benefit of any tax strategy or tuition discount, you will realize how powerful and how much money you are saving!

  1. Our Cash-Flow strategy enables families to pay for college with pre-tax dollars instead of the much more costly after-tax dollars.

All of these are detailed with specific examples in our FREE report. Get our Free report and find out how you may be able to save tens of thousands of dollars on your child's college education.

Do you really care who gives you the scholarship? A $5,000 Scholarship from the school is the same as a $5,000 scholarship from the IRS. It is still $5,000 in your pocket!

And that is all that matters, what is left in your pocket!

Experience what CFC can do for your family. After all, wouldn't you like to pay less than the full price for college?

Can we help you? You are the one person who can take action to find out. Together we can quickly discover the possibilities.

Do not enter the college funding maze blindly. Have a custom college funding plan created so you won't have to spend your life's savings or hard earned income on college. Good planning could save you literally tens of thousands of dollars.

Our FREE Report will detail many of the above strategies and show exactly how much $$$ you and your family can save. Download Now.

Affluent Report

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