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13 Strategies GUARANTEED To Reduce Your College Costs!

My name is Michael Gaer. I am the President of Gaer Financial group, Inc, one of the leading college financial counseling companies in the country.

I have personally aided over 1200 families through this excruciating process and odds are that I can do the same for you.  Therefore when I say something, it is not hype or spin, I have seen it, done it and been through it hundreds of times. Therefore because of my extensive experience, NO ONE, not your CPA, your Financial Advisor, your guidance counselor, a financial aid administrator, can, with any veracity claim that anything in this report is erroneous. If you follow the following few tips you can be assured that you will receive more financial aid than if you had not followed them. So instead of reinventing the wheel, trying it without any assistance, please, take my advice.

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