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One of the most rewarding experiences in a parent's life is sending a child to college and four years later watch with pride as he or she graduates. Today, the cost of a higher education has skyrocketed beyond the ability of most parents to pay. Other than purchasing a home, paying for a college education is typically a family's single largest expenditure.

Perhaps We Can Help! uses proprietary, innovative strategies that we have developed through 20 years of experience to help clients save thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of dollars!

We use innovative approaches rather than what is considered normal. After all, it is now proven that normal doesn’t work. If it did, we would all have college savings plans that were ample enough to pay for college.

If you want to end up like the rest of America, with huge college debt and no retirement, keep using the “traditional” approaches that don’t work. If you want to end up differently, minimal college debt and a plush retirement, use a different approach, think out of the box.


Our approach will be like giving your child or children a scholarship from yourself! Call it the Mom Scholarship or Dad Scholarship or even the Smith Family Scholarship. You get the idea!

Call or e-mail me and discover what my clients have already learned: You do not have to wipe out your entire life savings to afford the best colleges.

We offer personalized one to one telephone and e-mail consultations.

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