The Perfect Plan

Be Your Own Banker

The Perfect Plan is the only strategy by which you can eliminate stock market uncertainty; credit cards, car loans, mortgages , STUDENT LOANS, and just about all bank financing and usury; as well as minimizing taxes (the IRS) from your life forever.

If you were to create the Perfect Investment Vehicle, what would be some of the features that this vehicle would include?

I bet the following list would be pretty much everything you would want in this “Perfect Plan”

1. Absolutely No Market Risk/Principal Guaranteed-Never lose a dime of money in the risky market ever again!

2. Increase your retirement income by 25%-40%

3. Complete control of your money at any age for any reason tax free

4. Stop Uncle Sam and Wall Street from robbing you blind every day

5. Maintain use and control of your monies for a secure future for you and future


6. Tax Free Distributions at any age! (IRS approved - income not reported on 1040 tax return)

7. Almost Unlimited Contributions!

8. Better Than Market Rate of Return!

9. Borrow From Your Plan at Low Rates and Still Earn Interest on the Money You


10. Reduce or Completely Eliminate Paying Interest to Banks and Credit Card


11. No Required Minimum Distributions at age 70½! (unlike a traditional IRA)

12. No Pre 59½ Withdraw Penalty! (unlike a traditional IRA)

13. Creditor Protected! (by statute; Depending on your State)

14. Great Liquidity - no fees to access your money!

15. An Alternative Way to Pay for College Tuition! (cash value not included in college financial aid formula)

16. Free Long Term Care Benefit!

17. Immediate Estate Tax and Probate Free Death

18. Benefit to Heirs! (it is, after all, life insurance)

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