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UNLIMITED CONSULTATION AND ADVICE DEPOSIT - This is required a non-refundable deposit.You may call and/or e-mail as much as you like. We do not charge per hour or per call etc… We are here to help you navigate this process and make life easier for you.So if you call once or 1,000 times, it is the same cost.


E.F.C ANALYSIS - We will do a detailed analysis of your Expected Family Contribution. We will calculate both the Federal and Institutional method. If there are strategies that may lower your EFC, thus increasing your eligibility for NEED based aid we will discuss them thoroughly with you. Going over both pros and cons of each strategy.


COLLEGE SEARCH AND SELECTION (Personal Positioning Report) -We will search out, based on your students academic criteria colleges that your student may be eligible to receive merit scholarships from. We will also do this “Backwards” in which you supply us colleges that your student is interested in and we will show you, if eligible,   the Merit Scholarship(s) the student may be eligible for.


FINANCIAL AID FORM PREP* - We will complete ANY and ALL FINANCIAL AID Forms required by any of your colleges. This generally will be the FAFSA and possibly the CSS PROFILE, The Colleges own form, verification forms.  

   *-GENERAL RULE: If financial info(income, assets etc..) are asked on the form we complete the form.  If there is no income or asset info on the form we do not fill it out.


ANALYZE NUMEROUS COLLEGE LOANS - We will go over with you the many student loan options available to you and your family. We will discuss all details pertaining to each loan so you make make an informed decision as to which loan (if any) is best for you.


AWARD LETTER ANALYSIS AND REVIEW - We go over each award letter you receive and go over it with you to make sure you understand each award. We then do a detailed analysis comparing each school so you know the NET cost at each school.


DIRECT NEGOTIATION - Because of Privacy Laws the schools usually will not talk to us. We will write the appeal letters and guide you step by step through this crucial step. This has worked very well in the past and if you follow our process from beginning to end, more likely than not you will get extra money in this step.


COLLEGE PAYMENT ANALYSIS AND RECOMMENDATIONS - When all said and done and the dust is cleared we will go over your financial situation and set up strategy as to the best method for you and your family to pay for college. This may be through income, assets, loans , and payment plans . Most likely a combination of them all. Please realize that this step is hugely important in that paying for college the wrong way one year will destroy your chances of financial aid in years to come.





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